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Snap Circuits Mini Kit Strobe Light & Sound - Open your eyes and ears as you learn all about mixing lights and sound! Create an adjustable-speed strobe light with crazy sound effects and much more! This exciting new mini-kit from award-winning Snap Circuits will keep inquisitive junior electricians engaged with 14 projects in all. Build a Strobe with light and/or sound adjust the light create Suspended Raindrops sounds Human and Liquid sounds and more. Fourteen projects in one amazing kit. Snap Circuits allows you to create working circuits with no tools required or soldering. Electronic parts mount on plastic modules and snap together with ease. Using different circuits and combinations of circuits young electronic engineers are easily able to build use and show off their projects. What you get
Snap Circuits Strobe Light & Sound. Model SCP-14. Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included). Kit Contents: 1 Base Grid. 3 X 6 Snap Wires Various Sizes Battery Holder
White LED Black Jumper Wire Red Jumper Wire 100kΩ Resistor Adjustable Resistor Slide Switch Speaker Strobe IC Full Color Instruction Manual.