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Smartivity Triple Fun combinator - A game of combinations! Make your own Combinator. Roll the Drums and play 3 games. The first game being a new type of board-game. The second game being the thrilling game of Rock, Paper and Scissors. And the third game, the game of cricket; score most runs to win the match. This project is based on the fundamentals of probability, gears and magnetism. The kit contains all the elements needed to assemble the Triple Fun Combinator. Our DIY toys are made from high quality re-engineered wood, that is recycled, safe, non-toxic and sustainable. Each toy comes with a richly illustrated, easy-to-understand, detailed step-by-step instruction Booklet.Total of 198 pieces in the package. Follow the instructions in the booklet to build your toy. Enjoy mess free assembly with rubber bands. (no glue required). Paint your completed project to make it your own. (No paint provided). Combinator comes with 3 game- Our own Board game, Rock, Paper and Scissors, the game of cricket. Learn probability, gears and magnetism.3