Pro PLA Filament - 1.75mm - White - 1kg spool



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Professional PLA filament in white. Perfectly wound and humidity resistant for professional results.

What makes this a professional PLA?

Hydrophobic qualities.
Our professional PLA has been extensively tested for its hydrophobic qualities. In testing we left spools open in high humidity rooms like laundries with dryers on and over steaming water, then printed straight away. After 3 months of this exposure the filament remained dry and steam free during printing.

Angle of Incline and higher speeds
This Professional PLA has tested to show amazing angles of incline capabilities without support (down to 10 degrees). It also has improved quality at high speed printing than standard PLA.

Perfect Winding
All our PLA is now Perfectly wound (yes those are photos not CAD illustrations). This means a not only do we guarantee it is going to unwind perfectly, but also you will discover that it does not spring back onto the spool in the same way traditional spools do. The spool does not want to unwind, so you do not get filament cross threading and tangling.

Low shrinkage PLA
PLA is better suited for engineering precision as it does not shrink like traditional plastics (ABS can shrink up to 5%). This is also why you do not get part splitting and lifting (taken bed adhesion is good)

Bed Surfaces
Professional PLA bonds well to Buildtak, Flashforge Bed Tape (like BuildTak but cheaper and actually provides better bonding), Blue tape, Glass with glue

Easy to print with
This filament has been extensively tested and works well with standard PLA settings.

PLA filament is easy to use due it not requiring a heated bed, low shrinkage and much safer to use due to the low and relatively innocuous emissions when heated.
We have tested this on over 10 different types of 1.75mm extruding machines with cold or heated beds such as Makerbots, FlashForge, Dremel, UPs, Printrbots and many more.