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MERGE VR Class AR Experience Pack - Access to MERGE Explorer and premium features of Object Viewer for 50 student licenses, for 12 months plus 25 Merge Holographic Cubes included. Prices include integration to select single sign-on systems and/or provision of MERGE's single sign-on facility. *50 users licenses *IT Admin license *Teacher dashboard *Individual student accounts *Single sign-on and student roster integration ** *Activity plans.

Merge EDU lets students experience learning in ways never before possible. Touch and hold science lessons, interact with STEM concepts, and be transported to virtual places. With fun and engaging activities designed to enhance lessons, the classroom will be a place where children are engaged, amazed and inspired to learn more all year long. Give every student a powerful new way to engage with the science curriculum! Merge EDU activities are designed to engage children as they learn about important STEAM topics. Use it to kick off units, dive deeper into lessons, or reinforce what has already been taught with traditional methods. Merge EDU enables endless opportunities to create and share 3D objects within the classroom and around the world! Students can make a work of art in Microsoft Paint 3D, design and engineering model in Tinkercad, scan a real-world object with Qlone, or download a 3D model from an online library, then upload it to view on the Merge Cube. Teacher Dashboard - The Teacher Dashboard gives teachers the ability to easily navigate their classroom’s content, explore and share activities, and track student progress. Activity Plans - Curriculum-aligned activity plans help educators guide students through each STEM activity in Merge Explorer, so students get the most out of every science lesson. Deployment

Flexible deployment options to fit your school’s needs: Join Codes - Allow teachers and students to sign up using join codes making setup simple for everyone. Single Signon - Easily login with single sign-on solutions like Google and ClassLink. Rostering - Integrated with rostering systems like Microsoft Classroom or One Roster for school-wide deployments.