Makey Makey Classic: An Invention Kit for Everyone


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Makey Makey Classic: An Invention Kit for Everyone - We believe that everyone is creative, inventive, and imaginative. We believe that everyone can create the future and change the world. So we have dedicated our lives to making easy use invention kits. With Makey Makey, the world is your construction kit. Alligator clip to an object. When you touch that object, the computer thinks you're pressing the keyboard. By mimicking a keyboard and mouse the Makey Makey lets you control any computer program with everyday objects. Teachers, librarians, and their students are inventing, coding, and creating with Makey Makey without any previous experience.

STEM: Get those gears moving with this great technology kit that helps those creative minds create controllers out of every day materials. From play-dough to bananas, one can be creative with anything they find around the house

BUILD: Learn to build different science and technology items from controllers, to circuits, to sensors. This kit teaches a lot about conductivity

CREATIVITY: Let students use their creativity to come up with their own experiments like instruments, movable figures, and secret coders

EASY SETUP: Includes 6 inputs that you can connect to almost anything, and uses high resistance switching to detect when pressed. AGES 8+