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3Dux Design GOBOX- Pro Classroom Set - The Gobox Pro is the perfect product to engage students ages 6+ in learning about architecture engineering and electricity. Our lesson plan walks students through building and electrifying their very own Dog House. Then reuse materials to light up all of your cardboard creations. This kit comes with connectors cardboard shapes LED lighting components and more (even the dogs)! Use 3Dux cardboard forms along with your own cardboard to build decorate and electrify their creations.Product Features
- 400 assorted connectors over 500 geometric cardboard shapes a full set of architectural rulers 10 LED lighting sets (each set contains 4 colored
LED bulbs 2 alligator clips 1 foot conductive tape 1 battery holder 1 toy dog) 2 or more boxes 3Dux geometric cardboard forms the perfect storage case this kit supplies materials for up to 30 students working in groups of 2-3
Recommended for ages 6 and up
materials for 25 - 30 students
free standard-aligned online lessons and activities