3Doodler 3D Build & Play


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3D ART MADE EASY FOR KIDS: Plastic hardens allowing kids to literally create their own objects and characters within minutes (no additional treatment needed).

  • READ ALONG & PLAY with our story-based Activity Guide. Perfect for parent-child play time.
  • INCLUDES FREE MOLDS for easy to make characters and objects (animals, weather, and accessories)
  • EASY TO USE designed to be fun and easy to hold and use, crank can be movedfor Left or Right-Handed users
  • TEACHES - fine motor skills, hands on learning, three-dimensional thinking
  • KID SAFE and BPA free.

1x 3D Builder

  • 1x Packed of Plastic (x24 strands)
  • 1x Story Molds
  • 1x 3D Build & Play Instruction
    Manual & Activity Guide
    Batteries not included.